tributaries tx500

I have a tributaries tx500 line conditioner and was wondering if by using it in my system if it would degrade or improve the system. I heard line conditioners can keep amplifiers from putting out there full power .I have a cambridge azur 651r and also a anthem avm20 should I use this line conditioner in 1 of these systems or leave it out.
No offence, but i really don't understand the point of this type of inquiry. It would be a different story if you did not already own the componenet in question, but since you do, all you ahve to do is insert it into your system and try it. Try it with everything plugged in, then try it with everything but your amps plugged in. I mean if a bunch of people come on here and tell you the thing is a piece of junk are you just going to discard it without even trying it and deciding for yourself with your own ears whether or not it does what you want it to do or what it is supposed to do? In the end when discussing a piece of equipment you already own, as opposed to one you are considering purchasing, does it really matter what anyone else thinks who can't actually be there to hear it for themselves?
Agree with Rcrerar.

Try it as he suggested for a few days before making a decision.
well I already did try wise guy then I tried it without and it sounded like there was more power without,then I read an artical somewhere and it said conditioners could restrict the amplifier of its full output. I am just trying to get some helpful input on the subject to confirm my findings without reconnecting it to my system again, mabey my ears were off that day so if you would just answer the question at hand and not assume then please don,t give your thoughts.
Yes some conditioners can be less than ideal for amplification.

I have a TX500 and I use it with everything BUT my power amp.
Just plug everything into it except your power amp or integrated amp and you will be fine.

I never tried the tx500 with the power amp. In my experience in the past with other conditioners, things sounded better (less constricted/ more dynamic) with the power amp plugged directly in the wall.

In my system it made a noticeable improvement. Noise floor went down, detail increased slightly. Dynamics were a bit better.

The other thing I did was run a dedicated 20 amp circuit just for the system with #10 wire. The improvement was larger than expected. I would say that in my system the dedicated circuit was just as big of an improvement as the tx500.

I put in the tx500 first, the dedicated line second, about 6 months later.

I'm guessing you won't hear of the magazines talk about dedicated lines because it does not help sell equipment and advertising.

Someone I know also uses a tx500 with a dedicated line and experienced the same improvements.

Put it in your system for 30 to 90 days. Then take it out and see if you notice a difference. Your mileage may vary of course but I'll bet you will like the improvement.

To some extent the improvement or lack of will depend on how noisy the incoming commercial power is.

Sure some may argue that brand x is better, but personally, I did not want to pay $1000 or more for a conditioner.

It was a great value and made a good improvement.

Hope that helps.
Conditioners do not restrict power.
[unless poorly designed]
Surge Protectors can restrict power.
[therefore potentially limiting amps (etc)]