Tributaries experience

I was in a local high end audio salon and was listening to the Levinson integrated amp driving Revel Salons. I did this for a good hour and the sound was no less than dramatic. It was simply put outstanding. I got up and walked over to the speakers to examine them and saw that a single run of this flat silver cable was hooked up to them. Lo and behold it was the Tributaries SP5F cable. It retails for $5.00 a foot. I thought to myself, what is going on here? I was listening to a $28,000 system [ I forgot the Sony SCD-1 SACD cdp] with this cable and it was amazing. What gives? I guess you really and I mean really have to try different cables, equipment to find that synergy that blends well regardless of price. What do ya'll think?
I own a Trib digital cable I brought a good while ago. At the time I thought it was a lot of bang for the buck. Well made, and it souunded pretty good. Since then I have found and used better cables.
i do sales for a variety of cables and among them is the tributaries. One line really excells the SCA 100, it was able to beat a Van den Hul D102 mk2,and is a league on its own. The VDH was a recipient for best cable in UK. Both cables tested with McCormack,Krell,Arcam and Audiolab amplification and results were consistent througout. Other cables it was tested on were soniclink violet,Kimber hero,and unable to beat it. It should be interesting to have it go head to head with DH labs BL or interconnects up to the $300 price range.