Tributaries DCA-100 Analog Interconnect

Has anyone tried these, thinking about purchasing a 2 meter pair, and was looking for some feedback. thanks. Reade.
well, guess not. heck, they should be arriving any time, so i'll check em out, and let you guys know.
I have a .5 meter pair of the DCA-100's in my system and I like what they do for my system. I found that in my system I notice the speed, dynamics, midband details improve. I notice a full feeling warmth to the music not fuzzy, just more of a round feel. I compared them to Kimber Hero's, this make of kimber seems sterile in compairison, the kimbers are great cables shimering highs and solid bass, but seem to contribute to a suck out(holling) in the mid band, voices are too far back in the sound stage in my system not bad just different. I hope this helps. Good luck.