My local high end audio store recommends Tributaries A6 interconnects. " They are used on all our Mcintosh gear" salesman sAys. This is the only choice for interconnects they have. Are they any good?
Tributaries started as McIntosh's cable division. I know it is still under the Gordon J. Gow Technologies, Inc. banner. They have several different models of cables within each category.
Seems you are falling for 'false gods', worshiped at the alter of high end audio stores. Best to pick a few cables, Tributaries on loan from your dealer at no charge. Also, buy a moderate priced set from monoprice dot com. Now your ready to do some tests, which will require a different set of ears that does not know the price of each set. Welcome to the high end. home to the double blind testing approach.
The high end tributaries brands are clarus crimson which are really great cables they are open, detailed and clean and clarus aqua which are more nuetral. They are both great cables. I won the speaker cables crimson. They are expensive but worth the money.
Everyday another cable!!
Yup. Some better some worse. This is actually a great cable line
Fromunda -

if you are into Mac gear, Transparent, is another sonic match.
Actually this cable is the line that mcintosh uses at its headquarters. They company's owners dad used to design for mcintosh. They have a history together.
I have one lying around here somewhere. Not a bad cable.
I use a Tributaries RGB cable set on my cable box.
I have not had an opportunity to demo their Audio cables/cords.
The clarus crimson and the aqua are high end cables from their high end division. They are completely different in sound quality and performance. Crimson and aqua are on a whole other level above