Triangle vs Paradigm vs JMLab

Hi everyone,

I'm going to upgrade my speakers to one of the following:

1.Triangle celius 202
2.Paradigm reference studio 100 v2
3.JMLab cobalt 916s

But I have no idea which one I should go with. I like classic music. Can someone give me any advice? Thanks very much.

I prefer the JMLabs Cobalts to the Paradigms. I would also suggest you audition a pair of Thiel CS-1.6's if possible. They trounce all of them in my opinion. Approximately 2k new. Otherwise the JM's if you have to pick among the 3.
JM Labs all the way..having the all of the contest.
I own a pair of the Cobalt's, pushed by a Manley Stingray. Last night I was listening to "Bruno Walter Conducts Mozart" (SACD) at concert levels. I was totally blown away at the width and depth of the soundstage. The transparancy and detail were everything you expect from JMLab. You could visualize instrument placement. Bass was solid, tight and fast. This is in a room @ 22 x 16.

I did consider and audition Triangle and brought home the Cobalts. Paradigm just doesn't do much for me.

Tubes and JMLabs definitely are a great match. Awesome job by both the folks at Focal and Eveanna Manley.
By the way, did you mean Cobalt "816s"? Because there are no "900" model #'s in the Cobalt line. I own the 816S.
I have had several models from each brand listed and many more to boot. I have changed over from Thiel CS-3.6 with Krell mono's to 25 watt tube mono's from ASL and the JMLabs Cobalt 806S with their SW-800S sub. At the price point of the Signature models (806s & SW800s) there is no way I could justify spending the large cash upcharge for the Electra line to beat the sound I am getting. I listen to mostly jazz and classical, very closely as I am a trumpet player and the tonal balance is as correct as my old friends the CS-3.6's from Thiel. The big advantage to the monitors and sub combo is placement. The Cobalt 806s monitors disappear when set up right with a much greater ease than the Thiels did. The SW-800s is dialed in at a low 55 hertz with not much gain and makes a seemless transistion for the last octave without mudding up the lower end of the 806s monitors. Focal drivers just seem to get the timbre and tone right, not to mention their P.R.A.T. due to excellent crossover design.

I was able to buy both the Cobalt 806S and SW-800S for less than $2,000 and have not heard a better combo until I reached the Electra 946 which is 4x's the price
I have not listened to the Triangle. But have to the paradigm studio 100v3 and the JMLabs cobalt-s and the Electra. While I do like the Electra a lot. I'm not big fan of the cobalt, it's not as smooth or as detailed as electra 926, 936 or the paradigm studio 100v3. While the 936 is a better all around speaker then 100v3. 926 and the 100v3 are very close in performance with an edge to 926. Now 926 is over a $1200 more. Which makes the paradigm a much better value. Another speaker you might want look at is the B&W 703, very detailed and an excellent midrange.
Of the 3 mentioned...all would work well with classical recordings...I would lean towards Triangle/Jm Labs if it was me...
Have you made your purchase yet? Which one did you choose?

If you're interested, about a year ago I had comparison-shopped the JMlab Cobalt 816S vs. Paradigm 60v2.

Bought the Cobalts and have never looked back. Reasons: liked the inverted tweeter (smooth), solid technology reputation, good looks, got a good deal on a demo pair, and just flat-out sounded better (gee, that was descriptive!).

I would think the 100v2 would have improved bass over the 60s but, since you're talking classical, that should not be that big of a decision point.