Triangle Titus - your thoughts

I recently saw some really good reviews for these speakers and they have a decent price tag, but I can't find them online very cheap. I saw one website that carried them but no prices, it was Audio Odyssey.

Anyway I'd like to hear your thoughts on this speaker compared to others in the price range by B&W and Paradigm. I heard these are pretty sensitive speakers and can be pretty revealing, so would they sound good on a NAD C350? Also if you know where to get them at a good price new or used I'd be more than greatful. I have heard people getting them used from Audiogon for less than $400, but there are none for sale right now.
I absolutely love mine and they look like a million bucks! Beautiful fit and finish. However, they do need considerable breaking in. I bought mine new from Alan Grau at AudioWaves 1-800-510-4753 for $459 (free shipping). A great guy. Also - I had a NAD C350 and got rid of it to buy an Audio Analogue Puccini - what a difference!! Good luck and tell Alan I sent you!


They sound completely different from the run of mill B&W and Paradigm. The emphasis is on fast accurate sound, with relatively limited frequency response; it won't give you as much an illusion of deep bass like the others might at the price. It will also tell you exactly what you're electronics sound like. They are intended for use with relatively low powered refined amplification; they will not play as loudly as the others. They are better for acoustic music and voice.
all that said, I think they would be worth listening to! I have my eye on a pair for use with my little puny 4 watt tube amps.
Agree with Tacs comments. Limited low freq response nice highs, tweeter is the same as higher line speakers.
Well built, heard them with the recommended stands though, interesting sound very revealing. Finish is very good. Is one to consider, has anyone had the chance to A/B them with others?