Triangle Titus xs?

Anybody hear these? What were your impressions? I'm thinking about downsizing my system. How do they work with a sub? thanks
Matt, i had chance to listen well broken-in pair of Zephyr xs! I as impressed, but had to return them for some damage "aquired" during transport. And according to Sam Tellig from "stereophile" Titus "..trumps Antal and Zephyr in one key regard: Imaging!" And i can tell you, Zephyr's, sounded better IMHO, than Joseph's RM 22si's. Also, Sam recommends Sub, with Titus. Matt, i think your GLT SE-40, would be a magic match with the Titus xs!
Matt, I will be receiving a pair of Titus xs on Wed. 11/15. I'll try to post a review here or at I've been very curious about this speaker myself. They seem to be a bit hard to find. I've heard many dealers are out of stock, and they rarely show up on the used market. This may be a good sign!