Triangle Titus vs Rega R5

I was trying to upgrade the my Titus 202 with something similar but with more weight; the obvious choice would have been a larger Triangle model. With that in mind I headed over Stereotypes in PDX last year; they didn't have any Triangles but insisted that I try some Rega R5 speakers. I took them home and found that I quite liked the mids but not the high frequencies nor the lower midbass. I took them back to the dealer and asked for a return but they gave me the runaround about replacements. I had to leave PDX in a hurry for a year (family stuff), when I came back I found that they still had the R5's in storage. They insist that the problem lies in my room (glass, slanted ceilings) and my amps (restored Scott LK7/McIntosh 7100) and that I should just replace the tweeters, the amp (with a Rega) and use some room treatment. YES, I KNOW... but at this point is either legal action or trying to make the Regas work. I have to consider both. At this point, more than a year after the original purchase, I have to consider that I probably won't get my money back without spending even more on litigation. Do you think is worth spending the money to replace the tweeters? Can the sloppy bass be somewhat tamed by placement/treatment?
Replacing the tweeters is an odd suggestion, unless the manufacturer in fact offered it as an upgrade. Otherwise, its just an unauthorized mod and who knows if you'll like it.

Maybe the least costly alternative is to bite the bullet, sell the Regas and keep looking for a speaker you like. There are lots of Rega fans around.
Thanks Tobias. The mod is not so crazy, many people switch their R5 tweets for the RS 5 , keeping the same crossover. When I heard the RS5 at the store, the integration with the Rega mid was noticeable better. The owner claims that everything else aboutnthe R5 is identical to the RS5. To my ears, the RS5 powered with the naim or rega ss amps they were using was a very pleasant speaker, but I could not achieve the same effect in my living room, with my set and pp tube amps. Klipsch kg4, Heresy and the triangle Titus do sound fantastic here. So do a pair of Linaeum Ls 2 with my most powerful amp, a 40 wpc scott lk72. I believe that the issue could be a comination of directivity (horns & planar vs side radiating) and possibly impedance at the lowest frequencies. In other words, the regas are very good in their setup and terrible in mine. I wonder how much do I really need to change my setup to enoy them or if I should just sell them at loss and get something like an Zerius or a Klipsch RF7.
Pd. The Klipsch and Linaeum are borrewed from the guy who got me originally into tube amps. Had I known how good they worked with my gear, I would have looked for a pair of those in first place. I have also heard a pair of Zu speakers that seems to work well with my gear...which makes me wonder what my dealer was thinking when the pushed the regas...they aknowleged later that the two don't work well. They also claim that tube gear can't make very good midbass, which makes some sense from a dampening factor point of view...but the Kg4 seem to break that rule. They make a lot of very pleasant midbass...maybe the new klipsch rf do the same thing?