Triangle Titus: Still Competitive?

Just curious how these former Class B monitors stack up against the competition today? Although at half the cost, would the NHT Superzeros, with tremendous speed, transparency, and clarity, albeit lean bass, be a fair comparison in terms of overall sonics? PS-these are for the 202 model.
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I have a pair of these too. bought at a garage sale for 50 bucks.
Have owned Various NHT inc. Superzeros.
I would say the NHT are VW Bugs, the Triangle an Alfa-Romeo roadster.
In short, NHT are far below the Triangle in every aspect.202's are fully competive with anything out there at about 1K, only thing I might choose over them are Silverlines.
I know there are legions of Triangle fans..but I must initial impressions of the Titus were somewhat party due to the former Stereophile praise I suppose...maybe my expectations were unrealistic...that famous review aside..lets put things in perspective...this is a 10 year old, $500 speaker...that being said...from former critiques I expected an uber detailed, almost electrostatic presentation with lean, albeit musical European reality was something entirely different in my experience...for better or worse the top end a touch soft and veiled...midrange very open..and bass very extended for a monitor but not the most controlled...even at this price point...imaging was stable and involving but "boxy" at times...all this might sound harsh...but the speaker does excel in two key areas...first, soundstaging...these sound big albeit forward...and two...all negatives aside...there is a refined, sophisticated nature these possess that is impressive ...which Tellig and others have pointed conclusion...the Titus has a perplexing mix of strengths and weaknesses plus an exotic French pedigree which warrants consideration...but in hindsight...I find the former Class B rating a bit over the top...any others have similiar feedback?
I have owned a pair of the Class B-rated Titus speakers for about 8 years -- bought new. While I think the Class B rating was a bit heady, they offer high musicality and outstanding value. Haven't had the desire to upgrade and instead spent my $$$ on music!

They are in a second system and I enjoy them almost every day. First, at 90 dB and 8 ohm, they are easy to drive. Second, they emit a large soundstage and don't require pinprick positioning. Third, I like that they are bi-ampable and bi-wireable -- a rarity in a low-cost bookshelf speaker. Finally, at least with my SS set-up, they are absolutely non-fatiguing. I can listen for hours with ease.

After a couple years of ownership, I got a great deal on a matching Triangle Meteor .1 subwoofer. It's a 100w, phase-shifting sub with both line and speaker inputs and variable crossover. That has created an outstanding 2.1 system, with either SS (Electrocompaniet) or tube (Primaluna) gear. I see it still for sale on a couple of online stores. A great deal for about $300.

While perhaps overhyped a bit 10 years ago by Tellig (but what doesn't he overhype?) for me at least, they have stood the test of time and listenability. They have been the one component I haven't changed out in 8 years.
My experience echoes some of the of the above comments...I ultimately couldn't live with the overly warm lower mid bass..however..I agree they are a non fatiguing listen...and are a good value on the used market all things considered...but there are other options as well