Triangle Titus 202 Opinions?

I have recieved much help from many of you in previous threads. I have boiled my search down to the Triangle Titus speakers. But before I go out to buy a pair, I'd like to ask your opinions on these speakers.

You are very welcome! Looks like you are certainly heading down the right road speaker wise..Nice choices. Good Luck!

Like you, I would be interested in hearing the Arro's first on my list. They look good, go great near a wall, don't need a stand, and they put up a nice soundstage. I remember they did strings and voices well and I certainly don't remember any aggression in the highs.
Anyone notice that the new Titus ES slipped to class C in the Stereophile rec components list? Apparently Triangle could not follow the if it aint broke dont fix it mantality.

So the original Titus XS was bettered by the 202 and the successor to the 202, the Titus ES took a step backwards.

The only complaint that the blurb said was that the new ES could not be powered by the 3.5 wpc SET. Which to me means that they made some significant changes.


It it weren't for the wine he had over dinner with Arnaud (Triangle's owner), Tellig would have never made a big fuss about the Titus IMHO. They are the perfect example of incomplete speaker-design which shortcomings (and theere are many) give them an apparent imaging and transparency. In reality, they are only hifi in the 100-400 Hz range: below they are non-existent, above they are impossible to listen too...unless you mellow them out with some cheap tube amps, incomplete design as well.
We have all heard this 100 times about Tellig and Triangle and his apparent raving. How do you explain all of the other terrific reviews though? TNT for example... I would agree that they are not going to be everyones cup of tea but your view is a little extreme.

BTW, there are plenty of "cheap tube" amps that sound pretty darn good.