Triangle Titus 202 Opinions?

I have recieved much help from many of you in previous threads. I have boiled my search down to the Triangle Titus speakers. But before I go out to buy a pair, I'd like to ask your opinions on these speakers.
All the Triangle speakers ARE bright.
Some are very bright, other are just bright...
I kind of doubt it. They are BRIGHT speakers even when broken in.

They will smoooth out nicely after 100 hrs or so. Unless you have mated them with forward sounding electronics.

The sounds will certainyl change though over the next few weeks.
I will give them plenty of time to break in. I here this same complaint about JM Lab speakers which is also French made. It makes me wonder if the French have hearing loss in the higher freq. range and they make them to compensate? hahahaha!
I had a pair of 202 ex a little while back. they were definitely on the bright side, I could only listen to them through tubes. They had a very fast, electrostatic like sound with transparency to match, though.