Triangle Stella vs Axiom M22??

I'm considering the Triangle Stella ES and Axiom M22 bookshelf speakers and I wondering if anyone had any opinions on how these compare. They will be in a small new york apartment and be driven by a NAD integrated amp. Alternatively, are there any other bookshelf speakers in this price range that i should be considering???

thanks in advance
Have you heard the Axioms? I haven't, and the company's factory-direct sales policy keeps these speakers out of audio showrooms, where they can be compared with the competition.

I listened to the Stellas a month ago and was impressed, but for 25 % more I thought the Tituses were in another league entirely. Still, you want to keep things in proportion, and IMHO if your speakers cost more than your source then things are backwards. The Stellas are very good, I think they are an excellent choice, and like the Tituses they can match well with even better gear than what you have.

If you will be using a NAD integrated amp (my guess is that you will be using
the 320BEE or 352), take a look at the NHT SB2 speakers. They list for $400,
but can be had for less at J&R Music (City Hall area ... Park Row subway stop
on the #2 train). I have had positive experiences with this combination for
the last 2 years. There is excellent synergy between these two products. In
fact, the NHT's can be absolutely stunning in their ability to produce very
musical and nuanced sound with the right amp. The Music Hall MMF CD 25
makes a great audiophile level CD player and absolutely sings with the NAD &
NHT and lists for $540. The Panansonic DVD F87 ($110 at J&R) is an
absolute steal of a CD/DVD player and sounds pretty good if the MH is too

Tobias is spot on with his comments on the Axioms. They have their fans
and the speakers are attractively priced, but they are an internet only
purchase ... so, auditioning will be a problem.

Regards, Rich
I currently own a pair of Triangle Zerius and have heard axiom speakers. Axiom was flat and uninvolving to me. My triangles are lively, musical, detailed and such. Comparing the 2 is like comparing apples and oranges a definate night and day difference. Triangle is highend while axiom is lowfi to me. So buy the Stella or Titus in confidence.........
Haven't heard the Triangles but the M22 loses control over the top of the highs. Of what I've heard in this price range the Ascend Acoustics 170 is really nice.

If your looking for a CDP Onix sells a rebadged Music Hall/Shanling for significantly less. Onix XCD-88.