Triangle Speakers...Anybody got opinions

I'm looking to get a pair of small speakers for a bedroom system, and I ran into a review of the Triangle Titus speakers. I'm curious if anyone has had any experience with them and if they are better than the comparable NHT, B&W, PSB, Paradigm lines. Thanks.
I have heard a larger Triangle speaker. Haven't heard a monitor, but they use the same components in their line. Just the larger ones use larger cabinets, more drivers, and(sometimes) larger drivers. It was quite nice with tube gear. I don't really think it would be the best match for a solid state or forward setup. The speaker stuck me as needing a full sounding amplifier/front end/cables. In the system I heard it in, it was extended, fast, and dynamic. Not at all warm, rich, or full. A different philosophy from the way speakers are built these days. The cabinets are not dead, and I am told they are that way to add to the sound. Contemporary speakers try to subdue this, and muffle that, etc. The Triangle lets these things come through. I liked them, and would probably buy them, if I was in the market, and was building the right system around them.
Hi, Mailman. You didn't state whether you needed monitors, as opposed to small floor standers, or your budget. If you have around $1000 to spend, one monitor you should consider is the Pyramid MET-7, manufactured by audio guru Richard Sequerra. I owned a pair of MET-7's for a number of years, and they are a superb small monitor. A smallish floor stander in the $1000 range is the Totem Arro, which has gotten a lot of good audio press. A final thought: The Sensible Sound magazine's current edition has a review of systems which includes some suggestions about small speakers.
Hi Mailman- Another speaker you should audition is the studio monitors made by Silverline. I heard a pair driven by a 300 SET amplifier (in a medum sized room) and they were fantastic. The particular speakers I listened to will be first shown at the CES show next January.
I "owned" Tiangle Zephyr II, for about two days! I purchased them from "dealer demo" section for $745+shipp. They came damaged (cosmeticaly and "smashed" bindig post, but was usable)! I was very disapointed that i had to return them! Especialy after i heard the way that sounded! I own Linn Majik, which is ss, but very "laid-back"! You just have to hear the "detail" this speakers are capable of! I would have to agree with Trelja, best "served" if mated with good tubed amp! And i believe Titus, for the price is "uneatable". If the sounds as good as Zephyr? And according, to "Stereophile" it does, sounds even better! It first $400 speaker to "crack" class B! Regards!
...un-beatable, uneatable?
I auditioned the floor standers as a favor for a dealer who is thinking of offering them as an alternative to the Stratus Bronze (which he sold me). He only sells ss and everything sounded bright and harsh. On the other hand, the detail was fantastic. My immediate thought was the same as Trelja or Elgragon, namely that I'd really like to hear them with tubes and vinyl. I prefer my Bronze with ss, though.