Triangle speakers

Any thoughts
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This is the 2nd innocuous, far too abbreviated and ill-defined post of yours today. ( first was another “any thoughts” re pyramid speakers....)

As currently posted, the OP is far too general, overly broad and thus impossible to quantify a measured response to “....any thoughts?.....”

Yes, I have auditioned numerous models of these French-made TRIANGLE speakers. But you need to first step up in defining what model, and with what associated equipment etc. These are just the basic elements to be addressed in any further comment back.

Use a rifle and not a shotgun approach in an OP and you might get a meaningful reply to it.
Triangle has four or five different ranges of speakers, all in different price ranges.
My thought are , great speakers . Have owned the celius 202 and the Antal 30 year anniversary model . Such a musical speaker , never harsh or strident regardless of good , bad or poor recordings . The highs are the standout frequencies to me . Second would be the mids . Some day I hope to get up the line to the signature series . Only problem is they rarely come up for sale here in the U.S. on the used market  . Easy to drive with solid state or tubes . Great looking speakers to me as well . 
never heard a Triangle speaker I did not like. 
Geez akg_ca do you need a hug?i simply asked people's thoughts options,about the triangle speakers in general.i have been searching for a set of Nht 2.9's for awhile now with no luck,I had a chance to listen to a set of Antal ez speakers and thought they were nice.i was curious what people before you start bustin my balls why don't you get a hug and get your nose out of the air.we are not all experts here.
Beautiful sounding speakers! Musical, alive, and yet mellow enough to disappear. I've had the Titus and Celius models and loved them. Sold them only to move to Maggies.
Maybe it's a partnering thing with electronics. Heard them with Macs and OUCH did they hurt my ears. Reminded me of Jim Thiel era Thiels.
So, if that's what you like, that' what I heard.
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