Triangle Speaker owners

What type of amplifier are you using with Triangles, SS or Tubes? What make and model also?
I have a Jadis Orchestra Reference tubed amplifier mated to a small pair of Triangle Titus's in my den. Nice sound, but was much better mated to an old pair of Harmon Kardon Sixtys in the living room.
I am using a Cary SLI-80 with the Antal ESw. I think it is great!
I have the stratos series triangle naia's. I'm using the Audio Research D-150.2 solid state amp.
What is it your're trying to find out?
I'm looking to eventually start a second system. I can't seem to get excited about any other speaker besides Triangles, which I currently own (Zerius). I'm using the Zerius in my main system on an Audio Space Int. My Idea is to get another pair of Triangles to hook up to a SS Integrated Amp to run 2ch off of a TV. Looking at a Krell 400x so far. Just getting ideas :)
gamut d200 mkII with comete es in bedroom system
AMC-3030 modified with JJ tubes, sockets , larger supply caps and Auricaps in signal path
Titus ES with tandberg 2080 receiver, 1981 vintage, with a M&K subwoofer in a two channel home audio/video system. The sound is smooth, detailed, and superb overall. I also use speakers from Ohm and Dynaudio in other rooms with different electronics. The Triangles compare very favorably. I like these speakers very much.
Two stereo amp Harman Kardon Signature 1.5 with Celius 202.
AMC 3030as with tube socket, power supply cap and Auri-cap mods

Also tried on a T-Amp and an old Pioneer SX-1250 receiver

All work well
I just got a pair of Triangle Cometes and using them with my Primaluna PL2 w/Kt88 tubes. Nice range, imaging.
I just got a pair of Magellan Quatuor SW2's to go with my Herron Audio electronics. (Tube phono & preamp with SS monoblocks.) They sound great!

I have pics in my AG virtual system - search Herron..
I'm now running my Titus 202s with a Musical Fidelity A3CR. Very nice. I also use them with a vintage NAD 7020 receiver for 2 channel A/V. I like this combo for video but not so much for audio. The old NAD has a lot of bang for its size but does not bring out the detail the Titus are capable of. The Titus also pair well with my M&K V1-B sub to fill in the bottom end. Going off a recommendation on the ACI site for their subs, I plugged the ports in the Triangles and adjusted the low pass filter on the sub up to about 80Hz in an attempt to shift more bass load to the sub...this worked very nicely and produces a smoother transition to a top notch bottom end.
Now I biamp Triangle Magellan Cello SW2 with two Harman Kardon Signature 1.5.