Triangle sound-signature category. Which brands?

I am curious about my options withing Triangle Speakers sound signature.
I like their sound: open, dynamic and life like, but I cannot help but wonder what else is out there that sounds just like Triangle, but perhaps more sophisticated or just better overall?
Please share your thoughts as I am very curious about my possible options.

Thank you.
I bought Heliade (3-driver) model from Upscale Audio. Good deal at $699.00. Clean fresh sound , incredible imaging .Tweeter might sound metallic sometimes on bad passages or bad recordings. Bass is dry and insufficient (I usually hate bass), but this bass is weak not in extension but in color, character of the bas. Micro dynamics and detail retrieval is great. Play really well at low volumes as oppose to my ATC 12s.
Overall Triangle provides very engaging sound for very little money.
Speakers are all man made materials , I have heard that they changed that and cover their basic speakers with wood veneer now.
Now that i owned them for a few weeks I can say (for those who might be curious) that upgrade from Triangle while staying in the same sound signature would be the De Vore speakers.

The things you describe are the reasons why I like my smaller Triangles so much.

I use a sub with them for very respectable full range sound, but they are pretty game alone as well delivering a nice clean bass down to about 60 hz or so, ad show no signs of stress or breakup at higher volumes even despite their small size (but only with sufficient amplification).
Just a note that from my experience (at least), they require lots and lots of break-in. My brand new Triangles sounded flat for the first 100 hrs or so and improved further for several months after that.