Triangle NAIA v. Celius ESW

Does anyone know if the NAIA was a direct replacement for the Celius ESW. I can't seem to find info anywhere on ththe NAIA. I owned and was happy with the Celius ESW previously but regrettabley sold (were too big for the room I had). Any help appreciated. If you have first hand knowledge of the NAIA sound I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
No, Triangle NAIA was replaced by Genese line Quartet.

Triangle NAIA was part of the discontinued stratos line now replaced by Genese line.

I have had experience with the sound of NAIA and old Celius, Naia its much better speaker, a little more bass, sweet treble and bigger soundstage. The only parte were celius was as good is in mid range, with some records celius was probably little better than naia in the mids due to the first order x-over in celius, so microdetails are easy to follow in the celius mids, thats it, all the rest was inferior to naia.