Triangle Magellan Cello vs Signature Delta


anybody had a chance to compare the two? Is the extra expense worth it? Listening mostly to 70s/80s rock/pop and acoustic on vinyl. 

I wonder if the tweeter upgrade in particular will result in less fatiguing sound, and which one is more exciting for rock music. A review stated the Magellan series is more tame...

Amp is currently a BAT VK55, thinking changing that to a LTA ZOTL 40 (maybe mono bridged)...

Advice and opinion welcome :)
That mini horn tweeter packs a lot of energy. That is a good thing as long as you know how to match the Triangles with appropriate equipment. I drive my Cellos with a BAT VK-600SE power amp. The BATs are fine so if you detect any harshness or overdrive it’s the source, the cables or something else. I find both Magellan and Signature series to be tame as opposed to the older series. The Magellan Cello is more refined in comparison to the Signature Delta speakers. More resolution, better dynamics, superior staging and separation. I find Cellos to shine with blues, jazz as well as opera and classical music.