Triangle Magellan - anyone own or heard one

Wondering what anyone's view on this speaker is
I have listened to Magellans. They offer a very lively sound, with transient attack, far field listening preferred to nearfield; normal /big rooms advisable. Ideally biamped (I would guess) otherwise the mid-upper register seemed to gain ascendancy over the bass range. Couldn't bi-amp unforunately (have no clue as to how to pull out the Mag's xover -- or what it is; it *sounds* like a 4th order).

I listened with a ~100W class A ss amp -- but they're very sensitive spkrs so no need for megaW amplification normally. They can go very LOUD without becoming shrill (we were in a big room and could crank the volume up considerably) so, possibly distortion levels are low.

What else would you like to know? (They are expensive!)