triangle luna 260 speakers...need info

Does anyone know or own these speakers?....I have tried to find info on these speakers on Triangles website but unsuccessful. Any info would be appreciated.
I have auditioned these with two different setups - a Naim system and a Jadis system. Sounded excellent with both. Tight powerful bass but not very extended so despite triple woofers, these speakers are optimized for a medium sized room (I would say 16x20 and no more without a sub).

Their sound is very Triangle in style - present and "in the room." The treble is extremely detailed but coherent and smooth too - a lot smoother than the Celius by comparison.

These speakers are part of the stratos series which have been discontinued and replaced by the Genese series.
I do not own these but the model right under them; the Naia's.
Triangle's are very efficient speakers, the Luna has 93 db sensitivity rating. They favor tube equipment but can be used with good!! solidstate, otherwise will sound bright.
Their imaging is second to none.
With these speakers cabling is very important(neutral and on the warm side)
If you decide to purchase, I can give you some hints on how to make them sound even better.
Also, you might try this website: