Triangle Luna

Has anyone ever heard these speakers? Thanks.
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I have lived with the Lunas for two weeks. They are excellent, as you might imagine from all of the excitement about both the Celius (the "lower" model) and the Magellans (the upmarket model).

I got turned on to Triangle by an excellent experience with the famous Titus 202 speakers. What they say about the imaging of the Titus is absolutely true! And the sound is very persuasive. I had previously been a Dynaudio fan (and still am) but after a couple of years with the Titus monitors, I decided to try putting Triangles in as the mains. Since I couldn't afford the Magellans, the Lunas were an obvious choice.

I currently have two other quality loudspeaker pairs: the Vandersteen 1C and the Dynaudio Audience 80. I love all of these for different reasons -- the Lunas are the best and not just because they are the priciest.

The sound has more high-octave detail than I have experienced previously. I consider these speakers right in the middle of "warm" and "bright." I'm not saying there is no coloration, though. The Lunas reproduce the human voice noticeably more realistically than my other speakers.

Bass on the Lunas is quite excellent and you can do without a sub (I have one though). Pure 2-channel, though, is extremely satisfying. I'm driving the Lunas with a Krell HTS-2 pre-amp and a Parasound HCA-2200 mk II stereo amp.

I love them and these will probably be my main speakers for many years. Give them a listen.
I gave them a listen about a month after a made this post. They were good, but a little dark sounding. I compared them directly wtih the Amphion Xenons. I ended up buying the Xenons. However, I only heard to the Luna for a half an hour. I could have listened longer, but my mind was made up, I loved the sound of the Xenons. The other electronics were a Brinkman amp, and a Pathos preamp. I can't remember the source.