Triangle Heliade ES

I wanted to know if anyone has heard this particular speaker, I've read its got a great deffinition and midrange, but it lacks Bass? I've heard it goes great with Classic and Jazz, But its not that good with rock Music?
Thanx for any info
I have not heard this one but am very fond of the Triangle line in general. They are certainly quite capable of doing any kind of music. Whether they or any speaker do it in a manner that is in alignment with a particular listener's taste can only be determined by that person listening.

Also I would add that I find my Triangles to be quite revealing of what is upstream so different sources, amps etc. will probably make significant differences in resulting sound. I do believe that it is possible to build a quite top notch system to most any taste fairly cost effectively around most any speaker in the Triangle line however.
I had the Comete which is similar but the monitor version. Yes this is not a bass heavy speaker. But it should sing with tubes. I used a Primaluna and EL34 and enjoyed it with a wide range of music.

Maybe you should pair this with a sub? I'm not a boomy bass kinda guy. I had to spend 2X to get a better speaker than the Comete.
It certainly lacks bass. Pair them with a sub ou go with Altea ES if you can.