Triangle comete/Epos 12.2 , 5mi

I'm wonder how the Triangle Comete and Epos 12.2 (or M 5i) compare?
Long ago heard the Epos and liked them. Thank you.
Hi Earthquake,

Since no one else has yet posted, i will say i have heard the Epos and them a lot. My own personal evolution of speakers started with the Celestions (SL6si) can probably get a Celestion SL600si or 700 these days for not much money at all...very similar to Epos.

Unfortunately, cannot help with Triangle...have read sounstaging is tremendous, but recall one of their better models was lacking in bass relative to their direct competitors.

Good luck.
Thanks, Lloydelee...

It would be great if others weighed in .... I'm trying to make a comparison with the Triangle Comete. I live somewhat rural and don't have access to high end equipment except through print. Your help is appreciated.