Triangle Celius vs PSB Goldi, ParadmRf100 w/Arcam

I'm upgrading from B&W DM602's, which perform wonderfully biamped w/Arcam Alpha 9 int. and Arcam Alpha 10P. I'm also using an ACI Titan subwoofer. I listen mostly to acoustic jazz, Afro-pop, Latin jazz, and while the B&W's sound great on simpler material, on more complex recordings featuring larger ensembles (octets, etc.), the 602's can't quite reproduce everything clearly and it gets muddy.

I'm thinking of switching to Triangle Celius, PSB Stratus Goldi's, or Paradigm Ref. Studio 100's. All three seem to offer an awful lot for the price. Also in the running are the B&W N805 and Proac Response 1SC. Any recommendations would be helpful and any experience biamping any of the above w/solid state amps.

I've been out of the country for several years and have not had a chance to audition any of the above yet. Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions/ideas.
I've owned two of the three speakers being first the Paradigm Ref 100's and I currently own the PSB Goldi's. You can't go wrong with either but I went with the PSB Goldi's because of the larger soundstage and slightly more powerful bass response. I would say that the Paradigm seemed a little more detailed and gave tighter bass but the overall picture given by the PSB's just won me over.

I would give a listen in my home if possible. If not, I would listen to all speakers with familiar recordings and in the best show rooms available to you.

Good Luck
I chunked my 603s a while back for the same reason; the muddy lower midrange. The 805s have a similar sort of sound to them, but with none of the drawbacks of the 600 series. The main differences being smoother, better integrated tweeters, more detail/less distortion, and no muddiness. Proacs have a more overt musicality, differing from the 805s, but both have a large sountstage & good imaging. I am not sure how you came up with your list. Are these speakers that are sold in your area? Stereophile? I have not heard the Celius, and I can't well remember the PSBs, but I strongly dislike the Paradigms. They are anti-musical to my ears, & unless you are in to movies, not a upgrade from the 602s. If you decide to purchase floorstanders, the B&Ws (and Magnepans) are much nicer, IMO. Hales Revelations are the best I've heard under $2500, but it's a little hard to audition them anymore :) Good luck
If you like the B&Ws you will also like their newer line, for example, CDM9NT, a lot of the nautilus technology for less and more bass performance than the N805s (more drivers). They are excellent speakers, at about $2k.
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