Triangle Celius Owners question

Well, how do you all like this Sam Tellig fav? Is it all its cracked up to be? I'm in the market, I'd appreciate your input. Also, what amplification works well? Anyone tried SETs? Thanks in advance, Mark
I LOVE 'em. More important, the wife said I could keep upgrading if the sound improved that much each time! (That was up from KEF Q80's in a big "live" room.) Sam wasn't lying. ARC Classic 30 and Aud Ill 3a inputs. They're a steal--huge dynamic range and quickness. I'm listening to William Tell (the complete opera)on them right now, and it's like having an orchestra and chorus in the living room. They sound awful at first, and break in slow, but, for the money, they're the speakers to beat (at least if you have real-life restrictions on speaker size and cats that climb).
I settled on the Celius after long auditions of the Antal & the Ventis. It has replaced my longterm reference stats & I am as happy as a clam with it. It works beautifully with the 30 watt [tube] Audiomat Arpege. A refreshing change from North American audio!
The Celius was one of the speakers on my shortlist. I auditioned them against a Jean-Marie Reynaud model. The dealer didn't have the Reynaud speakers I was interested in so I listened to their least expensive monitor, the Twins which is about a thousand dollars less than the Celius. I spent about an hour and a half with each speaker, starting with the Twins. Both are outstanding speakers. The Twins have a warm sound (perhaps slightly colored)and amazingly given their dimunitive size, throw a huge soundstage with good bass slam. The Celius was more accurate and fast but didn't have as much bass response as I would have expected given it's size. The Twins made me want to just sit and listen to music all day long. I even went back to the Twins after listening to the Celius to confirm my feelings. I really wanted to like the Celius more because of the Sam Tellig review (Stereophile Class A)and almost bought them based on that alone, but I convinced myself to let my ears make the decision over my impulses, which has many times in the past caused me to purchase equipment only to resell it shortly thereafter. I wound up purchasing the Arpeggione floorstander model which is much like the Twin with 10Hz more bass. If you are looking for a truly accurate speaker with tight but not deep bass for $2K, I would highly recommend the Celius. The Reynauds just made me forget about the equipment and enjoy the music.