Triangle Antal es vs. ex

Any input is appreciated, How do they perform close to sidewalls/ corners? They appear to be easy to drive, I was also thinking about Vandersteen speakers, Thanks for the input.
Any speaker you place near a side wall or corner will have its base reinforced. You may like it, you may not. It is a personel preference thing. As far as The Vandersteens, I've owned the 2ce's, the 3A's, and currently the 5A's. I also currently own the Triangle titus 202, and the Triangle special edition 30th aniversity Cometes. Triangles are by far, easier to drive. Much easier. The Vandy's will give you a musical presentation that is left to right, looking down at the stage. Sort of like you are in the balcony watching the band. The Triangles fill the room with sound. Like you are sitting in row 5 center. Which to buy? They are both bargains so the decision is yours. but for me, I've gone thru the Vandersteen line selling them along the way. I'll NEVER sell my Triangles!
Thanks for the info Griffithds. Nice description, I was thinking about the Vandersteen 2ce's, I have read about the Tiangles and the reviews lean towards the ex for additional bass over the es. Anyone have input if it is a substantial deference?
Hi Musicrover,
I have no experience with Vandy's except having heard the 5A's which are amazing but beyond my price range and room size.

However, I own a pair of the Triangle Antal ESW's, and like Griffith said, they are keepers! If you can afford it, I suggest that you spring for the current version of Antals, the EX. These include not only the new bass drivers, but also several other enhancements filtered down from their Magellan line.

As for sidewall placement, that's a tough one. Backwall placement for my ESW's works for anywhere from 8in to 3ft, depending upon how much bass reinforcement you want. Then, slight angling in, pointing to a spot just behind the listener gives me best results. Sidewall placement is largely about managing that first order reflection, so there are lots of considerations for any given room. I'll just say that with the Triangle there is soundstaging and coherence across full frequency range to spare, and that may give you more flexibility in your setup.

Good luck in your decisions.