Triangle 30th Anniversary Antal Opinions

I am contemplating the purchase of the Triangle 30th Anniversary Antal. I am a former owner of the Celius ESW and have enjoyed them for the past 3-4 years.
I use 38 tube watt PrimaLuna Prologue 3, 5, and 8 gear.
In my quest to improve the overall realness of the music reproduction I have made two attempts to replace this speaker, and each time I decide to keep the Celius ESW. In the mean time I have supplemental these speakers with a REL 305 Sub and a pair of Townshend’s Super Tweeters.
I am seeking others that currently own the Triangle 30th Anniversary Antal and their associated opinions regarding this speaker and what they may have been compared to or replaced.
Unfortunately I am not in a position to listen to prior to purchase.
Also if anyone has auditioned the Celius ESW against the Antal EX, I would be grateful for their thoughts
Thank You
I have the Triangle Celius with an Onix 40 watt tube amplifer. Sam Tellig loved the Magellan tweeter in the 40th anniversary Comete and Antal. It is hard to know if the Antal will sound better than your Celius with a super tweeter. I am happy with my Celius, but Sam Tellig says to get the 40th before they are gone. Audio Waves or other dealers may have a trial peroid and return policy. Triangles love tubes.

Thank You for your input. The 30th anniversary Antals drop a little in the impedance (I believe) I am hoping 40 watts will still do it.
If you know anyone who may be interested, I will be Selling a Woo WA6-SE headphone amp and Grado GS1000 HP to help fund this.