Tri Vista looking for some new speakers

Currently I own a TriVista 300 Amp and a TriVista SACD-player. I got these on a great deal, but my speakers weren't ready for them. I'm now looking for other speakers, and am thinking about B&W 803D or perhaps the Avalon Ascendants. I've listened to Focal JMLabs 1027Be, but that wasn't my cup of tea.

Does anyone have any comments on the types mentioned above?
Well, the 803D's are great. And I used to own a musical fidelity/B&W system and loved it. But, you might want to try something by audio physic. They are supposed to be an excellent match with Musical Fidelity. Also, I know that Thiel demos a lot of their speakers at big shows with musical fidelity gear. So that might be another avenue as well. It would work great seeing as how most Thiels require a ton of power. And you've got it with the Tri Vista.
I would definitely add Wilson benesch ACT or Curve to your list. I had B & W 803 NOT THE "D" SERIES, Wilson Benesch blew them out of the water. I own the ACT now and think that they are a great pair of speakers. Not many for resale but if you can find one around $9500 - $10K used is a great deal.
How can you possibly consider owning speakers that invert the midrange driver due to high order crossovers and effectively REMOVE harmonic content that contributes to timbre accuracy? Or maybe hearing as much of what makes individual instruments sound like they do does not matter to you. If that is your preference, I will never understand it, except that it is your preference.

Those you have listed above are not accurate so if you really care about sonic accuracy you have only two choices of manufacturers.

Not to turn this into yet another time-alignment thread, let me say that the folks at Thiel and Musical Fidelity seem to really like the others' work. The Tri-Vista is said to be a power beast and would likely drive any of the thiels quite well. The problem with vandersteens is that you would have trouble running either the 5a or quattro because the Tri-Vista 300 has a pre-out but no power amp in jack. This would make running a speaker with a powered woofer problematic.
I use my Tri Vista 300 to drive my Proac and they sound great. Plenty of power form the Tri Vista and because of the sharpness (not a bad thing) of the hybrid nature of the amp, the Proac rounds it out quite beautifully.
What was it you didn't like about the 1027be? Just to get an impression of you taste. A friend of mine has a tri vista with Dali Helicon 400 mkI speakers. He did modify his speakers by putting in another tweeter. This combo also works great.

If I were you I would also take a look at Verity Audio and Totem wind speakers.