Trelja and Leafs: Coincident Questions

Since you guys seem to be such big fans of these speakers, maybe you can help me out. I picked up all four original midranges out of a set of the Eclipse's for a very reasonable price. Would you happen to know EXACTLY what drivers these are ? I don't think Israel would fork this information over very easily. Sean >
Hi Sean. No, I do not know EXACTLY what driver is used in the Eclipse. Actually, I am not that well versed on their new speaker models. Sorry. I did go to the Coincident website for you, to get a look at the Eclipse midrange drivers. I do know that Israel likes Seas midranges, so I then went to that website(check their drivers out at: Sure enough, it is a Seas. The three models I found that could be your 5" driver(all 8 Ohm Z) are: 1).MP14RCY, a midrange(100 - 4000 Hz, 90 dB, 420 g magnet). 2).P14RC, a woofer(45 - 4000 Hz, 89 dB, 250 g magnet). OR 3).P14RCY, a woofer(45 - 4000 Hz, 90 dB, 420 g magnet). Of the three, I think we can factor out the P14RC(for obvious reasons). I would also venture the guess that yours would be the MP14RCY(as it is the midrange, has the larger magnet, and the 90 dB sensitivity). Be advised that Israel often gets the manufacturers to install larger magnets on his drivers(only a big plus for you!). If I were you, I would definitely contact him about the drivers. The worst he can say is no. If you don't ask him, your answer is no anyway... He has always been a straight shooting, open, and honest guy. Tell him your situation, that you are not competition, and what your goals are. Be honest, don't BS him. I think he would be much more open than you suspect. I would even ask him for the crossover values he uses in the D'Appolito configuration of the Eclipse. I also think he would recommend the ScanSpeak Revelator for ultimate performance(or another for a less expensive project). Sorry, I could not give you the inside dirt, but I hope what I have given is of some use to you. If you contact him, please let me know. I would like to know his answers. Good Luck!
Sorry Sean, I failed to mention to contact him via e-mail(go to the Coincident website). He personally answers the e-mail, and faster than most people would think. Joe
Thanks for all of "homework" that you did for me. Well above what i expected and greatly appreciated !!! The original owner told me that these were run full range on the bottom end and simply had a cap to limit high frequency response. While i haven't measured these specific drivers, i thought that most of his newer speakers were an oddball impedance, something like 12 ohms or so ? I'll have to drop him an email and see what kind of information he'll divulge about the subject. Once again, thank you and i'll let you know the results. Sean >