Treehouse Records owner closing legendary Minneapolis shop

Fascinating history on the Mpls music scene and record stores. 

I was a regular at this shop when it was called Oarfolkjokapus back in the 80's.  Mark Trehus was an employee there and eventually bought the store from the original owner.  A few weeks before Treehouse closed I stopped by the store, not knowing they were closing.  Mark was sitting on the sofa by the door and greeted me when I got in. letting me know they were closing and that they were selling their inventory at a discount. I was bummed to hear it but after talking to him for a bit I was happy to hear that he was doing it because he wanted to retire and stop worrying about the business.  He seemed in a really positive place, which made me happy because I had heard that wasn't always the case.  
The Minneapolis record store scene is strong and there are a lot of other great shops in town.  Still, it won't be quite the same now that Treehouse is gone.