Treatments or therapy - what on earth.. funny

What is going on here? any idea people?
Just when you think you have seen it all comes along a HiFi mosaic gone really bad. You gotta admit, this person is, umm, crafty.

Don't show this to Jim Thiel - he may have a heart attack.
Can't you read?
My vote therapy. What's with the rice and beans? Grout?
Here it is

The cat really digs his R&B!
Well, lots of small caps charge and discharge quicker than a few big ones.......

I thought the explanation was perfectly clear, especially the treatise on using small mosaic tiles as acoustic damping. He also explained the mess in the bowl as his response to sound of the system(vomit).
didn't read the translation, but it appears no less over-the-top than some of the posters here. kinda made me hungry, too. plus, my bathroom needs re-tiling...
Medication required. That's audio compulsive disorder.

Probably just owns a bunch of cats.
The rice and beans can be purchased through Machina Dynamica. Placement is critical.
What looks like tiles are actually used to tune your sound. They are filled with a patented substance and then a coating made from compressed sugar is layered over it. Over time the outside coating hardens protecting the gummy inner substance. First discovered by one of Americas original audiophiles, Wrigley. They work best when carefully glued about the room and on your speakers. However, many people have had jaw dropping improvements by simply putting them in jars on top of their components. They also can be strung on string to make a bracelet. This gives the audiophile the ability to take them on the road, improving sound everywhere.
I have heard that you can also call your audiophile friends on the phone and when they answer you throw the "tiles" at the phone and your friend's equipment will improve dramatically.
The beans are symbolic of a low pass filter. I base this on what happens when you eat a lot of beans.

Probably a picture of something carbonated, like a beer, would work as a symbol of a high pass filter because it makes you burp.

Interpretation is not easy, but I think I nailed this one. :-)
The massive power conditioning with banks of electrolytic capacitors is probably originally an idea from the Swiss company Audio Consulting. I believe the square thingies are chewing gum, so you can chew on them during listening or tweaking. Just chewing away the frustration...

I feel sorry for his Thiel,Accuphase and that nice Ayre.How could one clean all this mess out of the gear?
I wonder how he reached the critical number of capacitors??

Picture the thought process "This one last capacitor and it will be perfect!.....well maybe if I use just 2 more it will be just right....ah.....well......