Treating cable terminations in wet environment

I am in the middle of an addition that includes a new master bathroom and I recently bought a very nice pair of wall mounted speakers made for this application.

The problem is that the skrews for the speakers are quite small and made for bare wire or very small terminations. Any suggestions on treating the contacts to avoid complications from humidity?
dielectric grease,available at most auto parts/hardware places.Comes in a tube.Possibly nail polish,though not positive about that.Good luck,bob
Paint completed connections with polyurethane or blob on some RTX silicone (as used in electronic applications; standard silicone attacks copper while curing.)
Thank you. I was actually planning on using silicon...
When I was dealing with boat wiring the stuff that seemed to work best is this: Boeshield T-9. It puts a pretty substanial film over the connection and penetrates very well. If the termination is completely exposed the silicone should work very well but if you need to make sure every little crevice is protected the Boeshield is good stuff. Click on the image of the big container to get a detailed sales pitch.
This is really good. It feels great to start at the right place when seeking help. Again, thank you. Audiogon rules!
Something that is very effective and works great as well is simple candle wax. Take a thin lit candle and carefully drip the hot wax on the connection. I use this on my outdoor speakers every year and it works like a champ..

Go to Radio Shack and pick up some stuff called "Coax Seal". It is used to protect outdoor electrical connections and is a GREAT product. You can cut it, shape it and make a perfect seal. If and when you want to remove it, you can simply peel it back, do what needs to be done, and then re-apply it if needed. Any other approach stands to lessen the connection between the wire and jack and / or make a mess and / or give you problems should you have to remove the cable from the speaker at a later date.


PS... This stuff works great for sealing / weatherproofing outdoor antenna connections, the point where your AC wiring connects to the ground rod ( once it is cleaned and re-connected), etc... Like i said, you can't beat it, it is EASY to remove and do maintenance on the treated connections AND you can even re-use it once done!!!
Sean, your suggestion is perfect. Thanks.
UncleJeff: Please let us know how this works out as your experiences here may help others with their projects in the future. Sean