Treasure KT120z vs NOS GEC KT88

Anyone compare Treasure KT120z with NOS GEC KT88s?  What differences?  Neil

There are very few people with NOS (really new) GEC KT-88.  Over on Audio Asylum , however,  there have been some comparisons between the NOS  (tubes in excellent condition testing new) and the current production Gold Lion KT-88s.  The  current production tubes reportedly sound as good as the old tubes, if not better.  Try searching the Tube Asylum for a thread comparing them. 

I don't recall any comparisons with KT-120s. 

Tube expert Roger Modjeski also feels the new Gold Lion 88's are even better than the originals. He supplies them stock in his RM-200 amp.
I never heard the Treasure KT120’s but I did have the TS KT120’s and did not care for them at all.

As far as re-issue Gold Lions vs Original GEC/Gold Lion/ Marconi (Marconi was the only manufacturer) they have very different sound characteristics. I own both the Marconi and GEC KT88’s and re-issue Gold Lions. The original KT88’s have more clarity - more linear balance from top to bottom - blacker background but are also a bit drier sounding. Very close to the current production EAT KT88 Diamonds. The EAT’s are not as dry as the original KT88 and have an even blacker background.

Gold Lion re-issue is a great tube for the money. A warmer sound with a little more bottom end. Reminds me of a cross between a SED 6550 and SED KT88 leaning more to the SED KT88. Background isn’t quite as black compared to original KT88’s but you have to compare the 2 side by side to know what I’m saying.

So IMO it all depends what your looking for sound quality. I had an Octave V70se and V110. A lot will depend on the amps topology (ex my V70SE could handle the KT120's but there was no added power). With the V110 it was designed for KT120 and had a higher plate and grid voltage. Another important factor is the speakers. When I had Dyn C1 sigs I preferred the re-issue Gold Lions over the original KT88’s or EAT’s. I also prefer the original TS 6550 solid black and grey plates over the re-issue’s. But then I got Raidho D1’s and later the D2’s. Now I much preferred the original KT88’s and EAT’s.

Now that said I found a tube I really liked with both speakers (sounded better with the V110 in high power mode). It is the Ei KT90 type 2 or 3. Reminds me of a cross between the original TS 6550 and the EAT KT88 leaning closer to the EAT. The Octave is an integrated so I also have to say the little tubes make a difference too. You need the right combo to match to your personal taste and expectations. What what is better is up to YOU and your wallet ;-)

Sorry I wasn’t any help regarding the Treasure KT120 but i have read they are a lot better than the TS KT120's. 
I recently bought a set of tubestore matched new GL KT88s just to see what's what, and damn…they're good in my trusty Jolida 502p. I've had KT120s, 150s, Tung Sol 6550s (came stock), Sovtek 88s…all in that amp and somehow the Lions seem like a great fit with a refined tone….I like it.
Thank you for your responses, has anyone heard the KT120z treasures?