traveling need audio stores in NYC to audition

looking to audition some preamps

Hovland, Joule, Sonic Frontiers, Audio Research

any recommendations on great stores to visit in Manhattan?
will be there the week of thanksgiving

thanks alot

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You'll be surprised, Audiotomb
There are no descent audio stores in Manhattan. All of them are interested in guys who comes in and asks for building a $50k HT.
Harvey Electronics, Stereo Exchange, Sound By Singer have prices increadibly higher than market retail. These guys wouldn't even speak to you about bellow $5k preamps.
However, if you will contact Dan O'Brasky at Audio Visionary in Brooklyn you might get some usefull recommendations and auditions. He's a showcase dealer at Audiogon.
But the best thing is that there plenty live concerts in best concert halls to audition without home stereo.
If you're willing to drive an hour or take a train north to Mt. Kisco, NY, you can visit Frank Huang and Mike at Audio Outlet and hear at least two of your pieces--Hovland and Audio Research. Plus they are great guys w/some other great stuff to look at and listen to. Whenever I'm in Manhattan I make a point of going to Mt. Kisco. It's near Chappaqua, so maybe you can also see Hill and Bill.
Forget about Manhattan,go to Queens see my pals at Hi-Fi Exchange and Classic Audio.Call Tony or Alex at 718-767-9379.good luck.
thanks guys

as for live concerts I live in New Orleans,
so I am always dripping with good live music

although NYC has alot going on

any online websites for NYC club/concert listings?
village voice?

I'll be there Nov 19-23


Village voice has lots of listings and a lot of progressive rock/jazz fans look for the performances in that paper.
Not everyone of these progressive conserts is listed on internet.
The best places to listen to a live music are Beacon Theatre, Town Hall, Metropolitan Opera or Avery Fisher Hall...
The small bands hangouts are Joe's pub, Bottom Line Cafe, Knittingfactory, Lion's Den.
You can find them browsing through the search engines or just by visiting for New York.
Actually I do have to disagree. Sound by Singer is pretty patient with folks who just want to hear stuff. They were very cordial to my wife and myself when we asked for a demon of the Basis 2500/Graham1.5/Cardas Heart even though I told the salesperson up front that I already had a VPI TNT. However, stay away from the any salesperson wearing a tie... they won't even make eye contact unless they smell a huge profit (and they know nothing about music or sound).

For music: the Iridium near Lincoln Center and the Birdland.
Don't forget to check out 'Toys From The Attic' in White Plains,N.Y. Drive or take the train north 1/2 hour from Manhattan.They carry B.A.T. C.A.T. Rogue,Sonic Frontiers,VPI,Walker,Lyra,van den hul,Metronome,Wadia,EgglesstonWorks,Merlin,Joseph Audio,Harmonic Technology,Cardas,etc.etc. and a bunch of used gear.They also have one of the best guitar shops in the country.I have always had a good time dealing with Mario and his crew.They offer some nice discounts too!Check out or call 914.421.0069 or go to 203 Mamaroneck Ave.
I also disagree concerning NYC stores. I agree that Sound by Singer is worth checking out, as is Innovative Audio and Lyric HiFi.

I have found SOME salesmen who are in fact quite knowledgeble about music, some to a surprising degree. If you go to Lyric in Manhattan call in advance and make an appointment with Bob. He is an aspiring musician who is more passionate about music than many audiophiles that I know. Talk to him about guitar players, Django in particular, and you'll get as much time as you want. I remember many years ago Andy Singer (Sound by Singer) talk to me about Ken Peplowski before anyone knew who Ken Peplowski was.

I have never really understood the degree to which dealers are resented by so many audiophiles. There is no question that there are dealers and salesmen who make customers feel very uncomfortable or are not very helpful, but I have also witnessed "audiophiles" walk into a shop, with major attitude and proceed to put down equipment in that shop and proclaim that this or that component "blows away" the equipment on display. That will get them far.

I believe that if a person walks into any of the mentioned shops and approaches a salesperson in a direct and respectful way and expresses an honest interest in certain equipment, a positive experience will be had. Bring your own music; MUSIC, not some cliched audiophile favorite, and speak intelligently about that music and the salesperson will know that you are serious. Capitalize on the love of music, or at least of sound, that you share with the salesperson.

I think that the very strong attitude of some of the previous posts make my point. "No decent stores in NYC", give me a break! Probably the largest audiophile market in the world and there are no decent dealers? I don't think so. "Forget Manhattan and go to HIFI Exchange" Nice guys but a very loose operation IMO. I would agree that Harvey's is a joke and Stereo Exchange is a zoo. Stereo Exchange used to have a couple of good guys, most notably Wes Phillips, but when you can go to some of the other dealers, why bother?

Enjoy your stay in NYC, it's quite a town; and now in particular is an interesting time to visit. There will be lots of interesting stuff going on as far as live music during that time; hope you can take advantage of some of it.

By the way, I am in no way connected to any of these dealers, in fact 75% of the equipment I own I have bought used elsewhere.