Traveler or Scout?

Given these two tables are pretty closely priced and the Traveler has been out for a few people to demo, which one would you go with?
Sbrownnw, Compared to your Project TT, I'm guessing this would mostly be a sideways move.

I've had a Scout and a Classic 1. The Classic 1 was much better than the Scout. I have not heard the Traveler yet but would bet on it being better than a base model Scout.

Unless you can strech your budget for something like a Classic 1 I would wait.

I looked at your system page and did not see a phono stage listed. If your using the built in phono pre in your preamp it may be worth while to buy a quality stand alone unit. A quality phono stage will make a big difference.

Project Audio Tube Phono Box II
Just got a Vincent Pho-8 for trial. Hope it will beat our the Pro-ject tube phono box II because I leave my gear on all the time.

Surprised to hear that a table 1/2 or 1/3 of the cost will keep up with the VPI gear. If it does, that really helps out my pocket book and shelf config, as I fit a DIY wall shelf through the back of my audio cabinet that I also reinforced myself. The VPI tables are bigger. The Xpression rocks and I've read the VPI gear rocks also.

Thanks everyone. Love this site.
Sbrownnw, I have not heard your TT in my own system before so I can not say how it compares with the VPI TT's. I just think that it makes more sense to make larger steps up when upgrading. It will save you money in the long run.

On the other hand, the more equipment you try the more you learn about the different levels of quality.


I've had a VPI Scout for a few years now and recently installed an Ortofon 2m Black, with a Graham Slee Era V phono preamp. The Scout is a very nice turntable for the money unless your going up the ladder.

Good luck with your purchase.
What are the sonic differences and similarities between the Traveler and the Scout?
I don't think there are to many people that have the Traveler at this time..
There is a favorable professional review of the Traveler, which is compared to the Scout at:
Correction: favorable review is here: