Trascendent Sound Grounded Grid preamp

I love equipment that over-achieves. Is this a "giant-killer?" How good is it? Has anyone here tried this unit? One of my favourite"cheap" preamps was the discontinued N.E.W. P3-single -ended preamp. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this was a Cary-based design. If you have a favorite "inexpensive" preamp, list it, tell me why and how it compares. The idea here is cheap, good sounding and fun.....regards, Bluenose
I'm still in the process of building my GG, so I can only confirm that it is cheap and fun. As far as good sounding, there are many reviews of this preamp on Audioreview and AudioAsylum. I would start there. Have fun.
Bluenose I believe the N.E.W. was a Nelson Pass design. I remember hearing their 20 watt Class A amp at an audio show years ago and being duly impressed.

There was a thread on this not too long ago. Check out Transcendent on the forum search function.
The GG is a superb little pre. It is very quiet, transparent and revealing. As you may already know there are no knobs or remotes to clutter it.

I built mine from scratch and incorporated a number modifications.
Puubie- Can you elaborate on the mods. Did you use an Alps pot? Would it be possible to add a second main out for biamping or sub? I have heard great things about this preamp.
The GG has a DC filament with a voltage regulator. I eliminated the voltage regulator and used Schottkey diodes and a couple of resistors like snubbers to reduce voltage for the filaments.

I used UF4007 diodes with snubbers for the main supply.

The input specs a 10K grid stop resistor. I used a 68K tantalum resistor with an Alps pot in shunt. Used tantalum resistor for other resistor in signal circuit.

I tried Auricaps 3.3mfd output caps. It could possibly shatter glass with the Auricaps so I used Jensen copper foil PIO caps to tame it some.

I don't know about the extra output but I would imagine it is possible. I have only one in and one out. There is an on off switch and the volume control, that all.

Look here: