Transrotor Dark Star

I sold my Sota Sapphire 15 years ago. Recently I have had the urge to get back into vinyl which appears to be coming back strong. I recently listened to several tables but have settled on the Transrotor Dark Star. I have the option of an older VPI HW 19 with an SME V arm for far less just to get started but found the Transrotor to both sound and look better. I have an Accuphase E-213 powering Dali Helicon 800 mk 2's and like a full variety of music. I have no idea what cartridge to go with yet. I am new to these forums so I am not sure what info I should provide. If anyone has any experience or opinions regarding this table or comparable suggestions I would appreciate the response.

My budget is not endless so I am looking to start building and though this was not a bad starting point.

Where were you lucky enough to audition the Dark Star? I am also considering one. What tonearm and cartridge was mounted on one you listened to?

If you can afford it, go for the Transroter! The VPI HW-19 can't even come close. However, strongly consider that used SME-V for your Dark Star, if available and if it's in top shape and not damaged in any way.

Good luck and welcome back!
Apparently this table is more illusive than I realized. I will be picking it up from CSA in NJ this week. Looks like the slippery slope has been greased. I thought cars were bad.

I will post once i get a chance to set everything up but I have some changes needed to make this work and I am sure upgrades will be coming soon.
Congrats Cobaltturbo!

All you need is now a pair of nice tube amps, a nice pre, phono, some speakers, cables, and you are all set. The curtains can wait...