Transports under $1K

Looking for a transport under $1K until I can get a CEC TL-2X. Wadia, Audiomeca, Levinson, others adn why?

Thanks and Happy Listenig.
Hi Peter:
You know from our emails that I always was fortunate enough to have found my own you have no competition here. I applaud your is a good one.
When I was searching and growing impatient, I reached the conclusion that the Paraound C/BD2000 was the logical choice for a substitute. No great mystery there. Sorry I didn't know you were looking....there was a screaming deal recently on a C/DP2000 at Echo Audio.
Good luck in your search. Gary
I've heard great things about the Audio Note CDT-2.
The vecteur transport is supposed to be quite good. I saw one a few weeks ago here for qbout $650.
I have no doubts my Parasound CBD-2000 will be MUCH better than a stock TL-2 once Dan Wright is done w/ the project.
See if you find a G&D Transforms UTP-1 as they really are remarkable and turn up used for $8-900 here. Not much to look at, but sing and will just need a new laser every five years or so to keep working fine.....Jeff Tonkin of Hovland, got tired of the looks and put it in a pretty box for the CES this year, but the same old G&D inside the pretty chassis......You can't do any better if you are looking for redbook playback.....
I saw a G&D Transforms transport listed in the pre-owned section of the Chambers Audio website. Although, I remember it listed at quite a bit over $1,000. You can always make an offer. If you worked out an agreeable price, I bet JTinn would ship it to you to see if you like it.
Hey Brooksl, Last time I heard J Tinn's Dad was using the G&D/Number Cruncher combo in Ct....I rebuilt those two units a few years ago....
Bob, I think I saw the number cruncher listed for sale, too. Is the G&D still in production?
Brook1, the Entec Number Cruncher was made in 1994/95 and the G&D was made until about 1998 as I recall..........Both are long gone and probably 75 of each made is all.......Demian Martin went to work for Monster and sold the name Number Cruncher to them so there are some cheap DACs out there that say Entech (yep with an "H" on the end) Number Cruncher on them.........The original Entec unit sold for 4-5K and the Entech (Monster Cable) unit sold for about $500 new.....I have updated about half of the units out there and they are good enough to get down the road until we can build a CDP......