Transports: Simaudio, Pro-ject, Jays

Its down to these 3 transports! Do all of these transports play CDR and Hybrid SACDs? The Simaudio doesn't state what it can play, the Jays makes a list but doesn't include Hybrid SACDs. It would be a huge disappointment if I found out later that it can't play CDR or the Hybrid SACD.

Also talked with a dealer who sells Simaudio and Pro-ject and he wanted to steer me away from the Pro-ject based on the quality of their electronics in general. He would take a return on the Simaudio but not the Pro-ject. Anyone have experience dealing with Pro-ject direct if there are issues?
I believe most transports do not output sacd.

I have a Simaudio 260d transport it plays CDRs. , you'll have to check with Sim regarding if it plays Hybrid SCADs though I don't believe that it does.

I'm not looking for SACD playback, I'm more concerned about the red book layer on the SACD being playable.

Pro-ject lists Hybrid SACDs, I just assumed that is the red book layer. Can it read the SACD layer as well?
I have a 260D, and am very happy with it. But, according to the manual, no SACD, and it implies that it won't recognize them.

I have the RS 2 T. No issues at all including hybrids. Built to last. Of course it will not play the SACD layer. I rip all of mine anyway.
PJ’s tech support is wonderful if you need them. The dept. head contacted me about the S2 Ultra streamer.
Of course there are time issues. Unless you are UTC +2.
Let's put the question another way: does anyone know of any CDPs or CDTs that DON'T successfully play the CD layer of a hybrid SACD?  If some don't, I would have thought that that was more the fault of the manufacturer of the SACD than of the CDP.
I have a Simaudio Neo260D; excellent machine; it doesn't play SACDs
I have a Simaudio Moon 260D and while it is not an SACD player it will play the standard red book CD layer on a Hybrid SACD. I only have a few Hybrid SACD's and they work fine.
I have also been able to play the CD-R’s that I have without any problem.
Also, I purchased mine with the onboard DAC and think it is a very nice sounding DAC. I am currently running my Bluesound Node 2i through the Moon DAC.
Connection from the Moon CD player to my preamp is with balanced interconnects.
I wrote a review on the Pro-Ject transport for the Stereo Times website. The other transports you mention were in-house, among many others, and the Pro-Ject clearly outperformed all of them. There are two other threads on this topic and everyone who has gotten the Pro-Ject piece has been quite impressed.

Regarding your dealer experience: 1) Pro-Ject's build quality is quite good and the company customer support is excellent. 2) Oh, I'll bet his profit margin is a lot less on the Pro-Ject than the Sim Audio, and that's why he was pushing that model over the Pro-Ject transport.

Teajay (Terry London)
Personally, if I were buying an expensive transport right now, between the 3, I would buy a Jays with 2 extra transports. The Pro-ject may be great, but they are a new company with a new product and who knows where they’ll be in a year or 2 in these times. And nobody, Terry included, is going to reimburse you for the transport if it breaks and the company can’t be found. I’m not talking about Pro-ject, I’m talking about the company that makes the transports. With the Jays and the extra transports, you are assuring yourself many years of service. I’m not saying you should follow this advice, I’m just saying what I would do if I were shopping in this price range. Good luck. I know when Linn put out their CD12, they stocked up on enough extra transports to service all the units in the field, which was a great idea.  I certainly don't know a lot of people with CD12s, but I have never read a post anywhere where a CD12 owner ended up with a boat anchor. 
Hi @chayro,
Following that logic , one could simply purchase a current production CD Pro-8 drive unit and keep it for future use/installation if ever required. Jay’s Audio uses a well regarded but obsolete Phillips CD drive unit. As you point out supply still exist and one can purchase spare units if desired.

Pro-Ject (Well established company by the way) worked with Stream Unlimited (All former Phillips engineers/developers) to created the newer technology CD Pro-8 drive mechanism. So latest tech CD drive versus respected but out of production CD drive .

I’ll choose the latest effort from these talented developers and if that concerned about potential future availability, buy an extra CD Pro-8 unit. Ample feedback from listeners who’ve heard ’both’ say Jay’s is really quite good, however the Pro-Ject is better sounding.
RE: whether RS2 T plays hybrid CDs:

I have been assured by Sumiko (Pro-ject's parent company) that service is performed in USA-- no need to ship units to Europe. 
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CD Pro-8 drive and accompanying CD Blue Tiger servo control housed in a seperate aluminum and carbon fiber  detachable chassis.  Could be ordered  if needed.

OP, I have the project.  It sounds fantastic, but it doesn’t read the SACD layer. 
@amorstereo Did you try the different connections on the Pro-ject? I currently use coax and am curious if there are benefits using the AES or the I2S connection.

Update, I decided to go a different direct. I was just about to pull the trigger on the Project then a new Rega Isis came up for $5k. I have the Rega Osiris amp so this option was very attractive. The Isis and Osiris are full balanced and are designed and voiced as a combo. It allows me to fully utilize the  specially designed XLR connection. The transport in the Isis is top flight with digital out which allows me to compare how my Audio Mirror Dac stacks up against the Isis. Rega guarantees the Isis for life and has 2 matched lazer drives in storage for each Isis unit produced. The Project is $3k + the cost of a LPS put the outlay very similar. No brainer! The Isis is still breaking in along with new interconnects (Cardas Clear which take forever) but so far it's fabulous, like a top flight Naim CDP.


Congrations! I believe that a strong case could be made for either CD PRO drive mechanism. In my post above I provided a link that has information on the Phillips CD PRO unit utilized in your Rega player. No doubt there’s compatibility with your Rega amplifier.

The Phillips engineers who developed these previous generation drive units are now a company called Stream Unlimited. I believe that their latest technology unit(CD PRO-8 with new Blue Tiger servo card) found in the Pro-Ject CD BOX RS2 transport would have also served you quite well. Either way I believe that you’d be happy. 😊 Enjoy!