Transports & DAC's ?

hello to all, I have been doing some home work for a few days and what I have come across is that companys like (PS Audio, Theta Digital, Rotel ....) among others for the most part use the Philips (cdm 9 pro) laser assembly, which is supposed to be one of the best around. now I use
a Rotel rdd980 transport. my friend uses 2 Theta Data II's
& a PS audio transports..acording to all these companies philips promised to maintain parts through at least 2005 but as it stands now these laser assem.. are no longer made or repairable..the companies mentioned above were very cooperative with info for me. at philips no one knows what the hell I'm talkin about..I know Theta now in their
$4000 tranport use a Pioneer assembly which can't hold a candle to the cdm 9pro..I've heard you can find them refurbished from overseas in I've come to looking into the Toshiba SD9200 as a transport or the Adcom
GCD750 cd player which as a bonus uses balanced outputs. I'm also using a Krell Stealth dac & a pair of Parasound HCA3500's & a pair of Mirage M1-si's..I'm trying to get the jitter correction #'s on these 2 units but to no avail at this writing..thx for any informative input anyone could supply..knowledge is king!
The only thing i can add to your post is that the Adcom GCD-750 does not have any type of digital output. It does offer digital inputs so that one could use the Adcom's internal dac's with an external digital source, but no way to use the Adcom strictly as a transport. Kind of weird in my opinion, but that's how they set it up. Sean
With all due respect, I once bought a Rotel RDD 980 because I thought it was a well made transport. It was a big disappointment. I have a radio shack cd3400 portable that sounds better as a transport than the Rotel. I then went on to try a Cal Delta, Rega Planet, Audio Alchemy DDS, Counterpoint and Parasound CBD-2000. The Counterpoint was the best sounding of the bunch, but was not a keeper because it sprayed RFI all over my house. The Parasound was almost as good and I have been happily using it for almost 5 years. The Sony SCD-c555es is also pretty good as a transport, especially for a changer. Better than the Aiwa changer that many people like. I always use a jitter reduction device such as the Audio Alchemy DTI pro with any tranport. The only DVD player I have tried as a transport was the Sony DVP-ns500v. It wasn't bad, but a little lacking in dynamics and a slightly veiled compared to the Parasound.