Transports: CEC TL5 vs. Audio Note CDT-Zero II?

Anyone have experience with both? If so please share you thoughts & impressions.

I've owned several CEC transports and currently use a TL-2.  Wouldn't give it up for anything, (well, okay maybe a TL-0)  :-)

Can't speak to the Audio Note, never heard one.
I want to demo each of these models!
A new kid on the block...

Sounds nice, but way over my budget. I decided to gowith the TL5, and will have it in a few days. Am hoping it will be a nice improvement over my old Audiolab CDM 8000.

Thanks! for sharing- branislav
that is a killer player.

how long have you owned the Audiolab CDM 8000 ?
I think I bought it in 2004. It was in storage for the last seven years, though. I took a break from the audiophile game, and just got back in. It's a very well built piece. The XLR output is intermittent, but other than that, it still works great.

Got the TL5 yesterday. It is breaking in, but already shows great promise.

The TL5 has already surpassed the Audiolab in pretty much every aspect. The Audiolab was (is) a really good transport, that I enjoyed very much. The TL5 is like putting newer, more transparent, glass in a window that I already thought was really clear.

Glad you are liking your new TL5.  IMHO, CEC makes one of the best transports out there.
I am loving my TL-5. It doesn't sound "digital" at all. It brings a lot of the qualities I remember hearing in good analog setups to CD. Swapping in a Synergistic Research Black Quantum fuse for the stock one took it to an even higher level.

The process of acquiring it was a bit of a pain. In the US, you have to order directly from Pascal at Mutine, the North American distributor, in Montreal, Canada. You wire him Canadian funds, and he orders it from Japan. He was pleasant to deal with, though, and it was totally worth it in the end. If you are looking for a great CD Transport under $2000, I highly recommend the TL-5.