Transporter vs Linn DS players

Has anyone compared the Logitech Transporter to the Linn DS players? The entry level Linn player is right around the same price as the Transporter.

I have a Squeezebox I really like for the conveniance. I would like to have the same kind of access to stored files with sound quality on par with a comparably priced cd player.

On the Linn forums, they are very high an all the DS players. The story there is that the lower level DS players outperform all of their cd players at a fraction of the cost. The general opinion there is that streaming players are superior transports to disc players. Has anyone experienced those players? Is this the wave of the future?

Please let me know what you think. There are more choices than ever these days!
I did compare the two and found the Linn Sneaky DS superior to the Logitech Transporter (at roughly the same price). Not everyone may agree with Linn's philosophy but it does make sense that source comes first since you can't get back what you haven't extracted (i.e., garbage in = garbage out).

If you are not going to use the built-in power amp of the Linn Sneaky DS you may want to look at getting the Linn Majik DS for the extra $1000 and at the same time you gain a front panel. Remember that the higher you go in the Linn line (like most manufacturers), the better the sound.

For myself, I compared the Logitech Transporter, Linn Sneaky DS, Linn Majik DS and Linn Akurate DS and ended up with the Linn Akurate DS for my stereo music system.

If you take the time to compare a CD to that same CD ripped to FLAC, you will definitely hear a difference. The original CD sound is harsher when compared to FLAC. With all the high-rez downloads available out there (and more to come), I do believe that this is the future of music. Like anything else, it all depends on how serious you are with this hobby.
The jump up to Transporter from Squeezebox is huge in terms of better sound quality. I am now running the transporter as just a transport and have an external clock running the Transporter and the Metronome C2A Signature DAC.

The soundstaging is incredibly deep and wide and that audiophile term "airy". But its true. There is a distinct space for each instrument and voice in the soundstage. My Mark Levinson Transport doesn't get used much these days as the transporter is just way superior now.

If the Linn devices are better than what I've got with the transporter it would be absolutely scary in its greatness.

However, if you run the transporter using its DAC and clocking circuits, whilst it is a step up from squeezebox, its sound quality is still inferior to high-end CD-players/transports.
Following from a 35+ yr. two-channel music lover (not tweaker):

Yesterday I auditioned all Linn DS units at same time in the same system and you get plenty of what you pay for as you go up the line. You just decide how much you can shell out. You're +/- 85% of the way there with the Akurate DS but, if the rest of your system is revealing (and it doesn't have to be a megabuck rig), the Klimax DS is wonderful.

Haven't heard the squeezebox or transporter recently but friends with good ears say they sound like boxes of cotton compared to like-priced Linns.

Linn still designs using the philosophy that your sound doesn't get any better than your source. Supposedly Ivor is now back running things and has rationalized the performance level/pricing of their line, plus has started to standardized the model naming convention across their product range (about time).
I know It may seem as a strange [and off topic] question, but could you please tell me to which external clock frequencies can your Metronome C2a DAC lock to?