Transporter to Nuforce 9 SeV2 preamp search

I'm curious what the knowledgeable folks here can offer with regards to mating a good pre between 3K and 5K to my already great sounding setup?

So what's missing? Air, image depth, vocal warmth.
Radiohead sounded amazing last night, as does most of what I listen to. I'm really having fun with this combo! I know it can get much better and not having a pre (other than my Onkyo PR-SC885P) it's also a nuisance since I have to flip switches on the back of Nuforces (balanced to RCA) and often move cables to accommadate my HT setup.

I Love many forms of music and value all aspects of the musical experience.

My research has led me to the Modwright LS 36.5 and the Parasound JC-2. I see many folks seem to enjoy the Nu Horizons 2.1. Dodd is also a consideration.

Problems I foresee is the HT bypass. I would hate to limit my search to only HT bypass units but if there's a good one or an alternative to this problem, well, am all ears.
Thanks for your feedback.
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I like my Modwright SWL9.0SE Signature. I haven't heard the 36.5 preamp, but I sure like my Modwright! It is very transparent.
here's a second nod for the Modwright SWL9.0 Signature...I'm using that with my nuforce ref 9v2SEs and am very happy. They are mated to Vienna Acoustics Beethovan speakers and the combination brings out a new level of performance from the Beethovan's that I didn't think was possible.

I have not heard the Modwright LS 36.5, but would imagine it bests the SWL9.0...

I heard the modwright 36.5 on a very different system. I tried to glean what I could from my listening experience. Spatial cues and transparency are what I'm trying to improve upon. The 36.5 at 4K may be the ticket. The Sig 9 might work great as well for 1K less. Decisions..

Any other thoughts?
Thanks for your replies!
Wanting to have Dan at ModWright perform his magic on my TP, I wondered about the pairing of the Modded TP and the Nu Horizon 2.1 preamp. It keeps costs at a relatively sane level ~4K and should give me plenty of the magic I'm looking for. Thoughts?
Sorry folks, I meant Audio Horizons, not NOT Nu Horizons - yikes!
The Modwright 36.5 is the way to go! I run Dan's moddified Transporter into the 36.5 and it is a magical combination.
Dodd has HT pass-thru......unite doesn't have to be turn on for this feature to work. Since I am not familiar with Transporter , suggestions of others might be better then mine.
Dodd vs Modwright shot-out , this Saturday. Stay tune.

Rydenfan What is your associated equipment/speakers? Do you have MLS speakers? Have you listened with the Audio Horizon 2.0?

I anxiously await this shootout.
Well, did the shootout occur? Would love to hear the results...thx
Audio Horizons TP 2.1 worked great for me with Transporter, 9SEv2, ML Summits