Transporter not transporting

My Modwright Transporter seems to suddenly have lost it's voice. No output at all. Spotty for about an hour, then nothing. XLR and RCA output both silent. I'm controlling it through a Duet remote which shows that it's getting the wireless stream. I can change fron squuezebox to server and switch songs. Display shows the song is "playing". Everything downstream is good; LPs are fine. I've used two different line inputs on my pre-amp and nothing. NADA, nyet, zilch :-( Please help, the silence is unbearable.
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Get onto your computer and try to send it music files from the program on your PC (It happens to me sometimes).

assuming your wifi connection is fine, you already reset the transporter, etc.
Wifi and network connections all good. Transporter sees the server and, goes to the selection I choose and graphics show that to is playing but no sound at all. System plays LPs just fine.
If my memory is correct, there are 2 fuses in the MW Transporter. One for tube analog output stage and the other for digital, display ... It's possible the analog output stage fuse blew?
Thanks King. Have to check fuses hen I get home.
It looks like you're using the analog outputs on the Transporter. See if you can find/borrow an inexpensive DAC and try hooking it to one of the Transporter's digital outputs to try to isolate the problem further.

Good suggestion Michael. I'll give that a shot if the fuses are good. Thx.
If Modwright did the work on the analog output stage, I would assume they should be able to fix it if this is where the problem lies.