Transporter, Logitech...Why are they so cheap?

What is up? Is Logitech going to issue a new version? i see the prices dropping, usually indicates a sell out from the factory level. any insiders have the scoop?
any regrets?
there is no sell off and no new version that i am aware of. the low prices are only from two people, myself being one of them. neither one of us has anything to do with logitech. actually, the prices are too low and buyers become uneasy at this level but i had no choice. one party can influence pricing quite a bit by going low, others pretty much have to follow...

there are many posts from logitech on the slimdevices forum that discuss why they are not planning a new transporter any time soon. in summary, they see it as quite fine as is for now...
There is a new Squeezebox "Touch" in the works that will replace the "classic". No dates have been announced that I am aware of, but a Google search will reveal photos of the new touch. Haven't heard anything about a new Transporter, though I would imagine they will upgrade it at some point to include some of the new features of the touch, i.e. ability to display album art, usb inputs, etc.
Yeah Too cheap, I pulled mine off I had it for $1370.00 then $1270.00 and I kept getting low-ball offers for $900.00! come on they list for $2,000.00. I have heard that the power supply mods make a noticeable difference in the sound. I was only selling to raise funds for my new DAC. (esoteric d-03)

Squeezebox Touch