Transporter for Valab Dac

Any recommends for a good dedicated transporter to be used with Valab DAC. Is DVD player OK ? Or I need a more stable one like Teac VRDS or Theta ?

I am not sure whether Valab is jitter suppressing DAC like Benchmark Dac1 or Bel Canto Dac3. If not then I will need a transporter with low Jitter.

I'm using my modified Toshiba DVD 3960 and to me they sound wonderful together. The VALAB is an incredible value, I love mine.
Regarding Valab, do not use there high current power cord. It is dangerous as both ends twist meaning the jacket does not move but the ends and wire inside spin. I can't believe the owner Kevin is selling this product like this. I have reccomended his cables to others because of the great value they offer. Out of all the products he sells I would think this one would have been done with great care. I have another high current cord from last year and it is solid. Stay away from the black and gold sleeved cord. I reported this problem to Kevin and he turned around and sold two more to another member. This is after he admitted to me that he knows the ends spin.