Transporter Advice

I am looking to find a good transport for my ps audio DAC mkI,
I feel sometimes the urge to spin a CD as well,
Rest of my system luxman 550aII
Rega p5
Ps audio phono
Harbeth compact 7
AZ hologram
Nordost RD lief series XLR

Advice about a non exp cdp I can used as a transport,
I do not use the ps audio dac, I use the AMR 777 dac, but I do use the psaudio PWT transport. It was so great to get into a transport that shows itself so little. So glad I chose the PWT.
I second the PWT. You can then use the HDMI I2S digital interconnect for reduced jitter which will only work with their (PS Audio) DAC.

But for half the price (used) you could also use a Cambridge Audio 840 as a transport. I did this feeding my Bryston DAC (BDA-1) and the sound was excellent. Has a chance to compare the PWT feeding the same Bryston DAC and the PWT was a bit better mid range/bass detail-wise and had a better 3d soundfield. The CA had bit better high frequency "air" on bells triangles. I am now using the PWT because I could also play high res files ripped to DVD and the CA cannot do this.

For a bargain setup for CDs only, the CA is a good choice.