Transport with volume control?

I'm interested in trying the built in dac option on my Goldmund 18.4's and would love to find a transport with a volume control.
I need to be able to send the attenuated digital signal straight to the amps converters.
I think on the transport it send out only digital signal. And digital is just 0 and 1. it will not have volume control. Volume control come in after the D/A convertion.
I agree with Waip7 in addition if you want to send a digital signal to the amps convertors. Are you referring to D/A convertors that exist in the amp? That would make that a pre-amp-processor. If you are intending to send a digital signal to an amp, you will have no music. The digital signal must be converted to analog first then add the volume control.
If your amp has a DAC built in, I think that will be a intergrated amp (pre and power in to one) and it will have volume control on it.
My dealer said that Weiss would produce a transport with volume control in a few mounths,maybe it is on line now.
Wadia CD players have digital volume controls and digital outputs which you could then connect to your amp's digital inputs. You could also try any standard transport and use the Goldmund's attenuator control.
Although that is technically possible, I have never heard of a CDT with build-in digital volume control. If you wanna run your DACs directly to the power amps, you may consider Z-Systems RDP-1 or TacT RCS for digital attenuation purposes. I have had the TacT RCS on loan, and inserted between my Theta CDT and Theta DAC, RCS sounded much better than my Krell KRC-3 preamp.
Thanks all for the helpful information. My understanding is that the course VC on the Goldmund is more of a level match than useful line attenuation hence the need to have some form oof extenal atenuation.
I will pursue some of the routes suggested.
The McCormack SST-1 has digital volume control (this is a fact-I own one). However, when lowering the volume this way, you would essentially be throwing away resolution. My one word suggestion: DON'T!
I have an older Goldmund VSR alize 3 DAC and when I hook a cheap DVD player with volume control to the DAC I can attenuate the volume. Although the quality is not as good as with a proper transport. SO, DVD digital outputs are indeed controlled with the volume on remote; at least with my Goldmund DAC.