Transport time

So I am looking(mind you looking, not ready to buy yet) at getting a new transport, I don't know what I want to spend, but I know I would prefer to but used. I am looking for a very good quality transport, the only real stipulation I have is that it has an AT&T/ST digital output. I am looking into accuphase DP-90, Burmester 969 and 979, all of which are seldom if ever available used. Are there any others in this range? I would like to use the AT&T input on my digital preamp/DAC but if there is a great unit out there with a 75ohm coax output I would consider it. Thanks for any insight

tim: you can also buy an aes/ebu board for your accuphase pre/dac should you wish to go in that direction. likely to be kinda pricey, tho. the accuphase dp-90 is optimized for st and is a great choice. i saw one here last summer that went for <$3k (they were $7.5k when current). i still use mine as a digital source with my boulder 1012, which i had fitted with an st input. -cfb
I have the JADIS JD-1 and it has the AT&T glass, the AES/EBU balanced and the RCA single ended connections. The JADIS JS-1 MK2 DAC also has the same inputs, selectable as DIG1 (balanced),DIG2 (RCA) AND OPT (AT&T) so makes a great pair.