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I finally got to a point where I called Harman for a RMA number. My Proceed PDT3 (I think) may need to have its transport replaced. Last year I was unwilling to send it in because (at the time) Harman was charging a flat $1000 "entry fee" for servicing this older line of equipment. They now have a "not to exceed" fee (which covers both parts and labor). In the case of the PDT3 the NTE fee is $995. I am a little unwilling to be socked with an almost $1000 fee for such an old (but still awesome) transport. When I asked the guy what he thought a transport replacement would cost, he was unsure. Does anyone have any recent experience in helping me understand whether this kind of work would be bumping up on to the higher end of that NTE fee?
Why don't you try United Radio in New York?
Wow, even at the NTE price, is way over the top. The Proceed uses a Philips based transport.

I have had a local tech near my house work on my Audiomeca Mephisto which also uses the same transport. They charge a MAX labor fee of $95, plus parts costs.
Rwwear, I did not know about United Radio. I guess the only reason I went straight to Harman is that I could be assured of getting genuine replacement parts, if needed. I could give them a call tomorrow. Thanks for this info.
Justlisten, wow, where are you located? I guess I have to point out that Harman said this is the NTE, and the cost to replace just the transport could be quite a bit less. I just don't feel happy about not even getting a ballpark from them. I mean, they should know by now exactly what it takes to do this sort of work on a PDT-3.
Let me know how it works out with United Radio.
Rwwear, is that United Audio Visual on W42nd?
I sympathize with you, the manufacturer will mark up the repair cost significantly. I had the transport replaced recently in my DVD player and it cost me about a grand for the repair and shipping. A bit much for a discontinued player whic now will sell for about a grand on the used market. I do have a one year manufacturer's warranty but I will be out on the shipping if the unit has any problems.
If I had to do it all over again at that price I would consider a new player.

I am over in the San Francisco area, ...just my opinion, I don't get too concerned over using Harman, they don't manufacture the parts used within the Proceed transports. Most of the stuff is easily found and most decent techs have them on hand.
"Let me know how it works out with United Radio"

United RADIO. Duh. They're in East Syracuse, if my Yahoo'ing got me there correctly. They don't show either Madrigal or Proceed as brands they do repair on, but I'll give them a call.

Justlisten, SF is too far for me, even if I was just there in August. Great city, wishing I was there now - and not just for an audio repair!
Update: if it's the same United Radio in Syracuse then they just told me they do not do repair work on Proceed gear. Oh well.
Why not try Analogique in NYC (Analogique Systems Laboratories, 17 W 17, 212-989-4240). I have called them in the past when I was considering buying some used transports and they always said they could fix them, though I never had to use them. They have a superb reputation and specialize in turntables, which are similar to spinning cd transports. Not cheap though, but have to be cheaper than the outrageous Harman price.
Sorry about United Radio. I would look at Analogique as an alternative like Dne says.
Sold my CDD,sold my MLevinson 37...annoying transport problems on both.
Thanks for the suggestion, Dne. I've been scratching my head on this one. I am seriously considering putting all my music (either uncompressed or with lossless compression) on to my PC and using something like a Squeezebox in place of my transport. I have the knowledge, equipment, disk space, and networking all in hand to be able to do something like this. I am just looking for some more comparisons between this new server alternative and traditional high end transports. Maybe it's the way to go.
As did Bluebull, I sold my 37 & 390S due to the quirky nature of the transports and the exorbitant repair costs.
I ripped my entire library to FLAC files on a PC feeding a Squeezebox2 and external DAC. I'm extremely pleased with the sound. The level of convenience of NOT having to insert discs and having access to the entire library at the push a button is fantastic.
Jman66, at last! Someone I can ask. I am familiar with the sound of your old gear. Are you using the SB2 as a digital or analog out? I would LOVE to hear your opinion as to how the SB2 stacks up in digital out compared to your old transport!

I started a thread in PC Audio about moving to the SB3.
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